Welcome to the Republicasmp WikiEdit

We are a wiki for the Minecraft SMP server Republica, owned by Emma1337 and Artichoke11 and Founded by jefe323! This server was founded in February of 2011 and has more members than I can count! This Wiki will act as an information center for the server and will hopefully act as a resource for information about places people and even events and items! Add anything you can to get this wiki up and running!


Republica is a survival server based around community and the formation of towns and nations.  Players are encouraged to go out and live in an existing town, make their own town or just live off the land in the wilderness.  Each choice has pros and cons, but it is your freedom of choice. Building in the wilderness is safe because of our anti-grief aspect and the effective anti-grief plugins we have, but you run the risk of being killed in PvP.  Luckily for you though, your choice doesn't have to stick with you as you can join, leave or start your own town whenever you want!

Republica has a dedicated staff of Moderators and Admins.  Each member of the Republica staff is handpicked by Majorkane.  Each one is the embodiment of the values we look for in our server: Honest, Helpful, Dedicated and Responsible.


Republica has an extensive amount of helpful plugins. Some of the most important ones that you will be using as a regular player are:

Towny, Home, WorldEdit, ChestShop, Economy


Republica also has an exciting rank system that is based on how long you've been a member,

Pre-Registration Ranks: Guest, uFNG

Regular Ranks:FNG, Regular, Seasoned, Veteran, Elite, Legend

Special Ranks:


      Donator Exclusive: Diamond+

Donator Ranks: Iron, Gold, DiamondDiamond+, Trustee

Staff MembersEdit

Republica's Staff Members are:

Former Owner: Jefe323, MajorKane, Supahtree

Owner:  Emma1337, Artichoke11

Admin: Str8tupSkillz, Cobra831

Moderator: nhmopolis , Perolan , Isgie ,

Towns and NationsEdit

Below is a list of current towns,along with a list of active nations:

Towns and Nations
Fun In The SunSpock From Starcraft, Fall Haven, Viridi Insula
LordaeronMachu Picchu
NationlessTheCapital, Finland, CakeTown, Skyguard, SupahLand