Diamond Donator CostEdit

The Diamond Rank is the most expensive, with a price of $29.99. There are no requirements other than paying.

Diamond Donator PerksEdit

You are granted the [Sponsor] Tag. You are also given 4,000 in-game cash. You are granted 15 Sethomes. You get a Custom Forum Title too. You also have a Custom In-Game Rank: You can ask the staff to give you a custom rank name that is not in use other than the [Sponsor] tag. You can use certain WorldEdit Commands:  //undo, //redo, //cyl, //hcyl, //sphere, //hsphere, //overlay, //faces, //smooth, //wand, //expand, //contract, //shift, //outset, //inset, //size
**(there are limits though.  Max # of blocks changed at once is 1000, max radius is 20, placing items must be in your inventory, destroying blocks this way yields no return) You are also given a full set of Diamond Tools + Armor